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The Farm is a Comcast NBCUniversal innovation hub supporting startups, founders, and Atlanta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Housed in The Battery Atlanta — a neighborhood of offices, retail shops, and restaurants next to the Atlanta Braves’ SunTrust Park — The Farm provides a startup accelerator (powered by Boomtown), premium startup incubator office space, a cutting-edge hardware prototyping lab, and coworking facilities. The Farm Accelerator program runs for twelve weeks, twice per year, and offers early stage startups a customized curriculum, company-building guidance, industry mentorship, and a network of startup community supporters.

Focusing on the complete development of the entrepreneur.

Twice a year, 10 startups are invited to participate in a 12-week world-class accelerator program. The program is powered by Boomtown Accelerators, a Boulder, Colorado-based accelerator that has invested in more than 100 startups, of which 86% are in operation, 60% are generating revenue and 75% have raised funding.

Boomtown’s unique model constantly evolves based on feedback from participating founders and mentors. The accelerator program is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide a complete business and management curriculum. The goal of the accelerator is not simply to provide the shortest distance between an idea and funding, but instead to support entrepreneurs in building great companies.


Teams selected for each cohort receive $20,000 in seed capital and an additional estimated $1.7 million in perks. In addition, companies taking part in the program gain valuable connections to enthusiastic mentors and investors.


The Farm world-class mentor network boasts some of the most talented minds in technology, business, branding and strategy. We match entrepreneurs with top industry leaders, all of whom are passionate about supporting startups.


A major focus of The Farm is developing and adapting a program that is best suited for the startup- therefore, our curriculum is customized to the needs of the individual startup, supporting and educating entrepreneurs where they need it the most.


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A space to gather, create, invent and learn.

The Hardware Lab provides all the resources a fast-moving, connected hardware startup could need. It is a complete rapid prototyping workshop: 3D printers, laser cutters, and ESD safe workbenches, equipped with everything hardware engineers crave.

We believe that entrepreneurs are at the forefront of making the world a better place, and that is exactly why we built this connectivity playground. The Hardware Lab exists for entrepreneurs to plug in, learn and access the tools they need.

We are pleased to offer access to the lab free of charge to promising startups working on hardware products focusing on IoT, Connectivity and Media.

If you’re interested in using The Hardware Lab, please fill out the information below.

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Access to a community of innovators.

The Farm is pleased to open up offices to self-directed startups who want access to a collaborative work environment, exclusive mentor sessions, and the support of our extensive network.

Incubation space at The Farm Innovation Center will be offered free of charge to invited startups at early stages of the business life cycle. We are excited to create an environment where new and seasoned entrepreneurs work side by side to solve problems through innovation.

If you are interested in incubating your company or idea at The Farm, please fill out the contact form below.

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Join the The Farm community with your team, and be surrounded by passionate, innovative individuals with the vision to build something new and the drive to make it happen.


Looking into SunTrust Park, The Innovation Center is a 12,000 square foot space to harness entrepreneurs' creative potential giving them the tools to design and develop their product.


When you mix the energy of startups with the resources and network of established partners, meaningful ideas are made and nurtured.

The Battery

The Farm is housed at The Battery Atlanta, a 60-acre development that is home to SunTrust Park and the Atlanta Braves as well as retail shops, restaurants, an office tower, the Omni Hotel, an entertainment venue, residential units and Comcast NBCUniversal’s Central Division headquarters.


The Battery Atlanta features more than 400,000 square feet of retail and office space. It is the new epicenter of activity – a sought-after destination delivering an experience to shoppers, entertainment seekers and families across the Southeast.


The Coca-Cola Roxy is back! Atlanta’s iconic music venue has been revived at The Battery Atlanta, as the Braves and Live Nation create one of the most dynamic music settings in the area. Also, Punch Bowl Social features eight bowling lanes, one bocce court, three private karaoke rooms paired with a southern-inspired scratch-made menu and craft beverage program with "old-school" social activities and vintage video games.

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We own this by having kick ass curriculum, super genius mentors, and a leadership staff that is insanely passionate about what they do. All of this centered within Atlanta, GA, a freakishly awesome place with a higher concentration of startups than anywhere else in the US.

Teams will leave after the 12 weeks with their mind blown, butt kicked, ego shattered, and the feeling that they can accomplish anything.


Interested in learning more about the Atlanta program? Check out the FAQ below. If you still have a question we haven't answered, hit us up on our Connect with us below.

The Farm is a technology accelerator, so we’re going to look for teams that are developing a product with a technology focus. We will look for companies working in the mobility, connectivity and communications space but will not focus exclusively on those companies. We will also actively consider other breakthrough opportunities that can benefit from the Comcast/Boomtown partnership. Our most important consideration is that the team founders be talented and coachable and, while we encourage teams from around the globe to apply, be able to join us in Atlanta for the entire 12-week program.

Successful teams in our program come from many different stages… some are just an idea while others already have paying customers and have raised funding. We require at least two founding members and have had teams with as many as four founders. Some of our most successful teams drastically changed the direction of their company during the program while others have simply needed more “fine tuning” than wholesale changes. Because our program caters to individual needs and constantly evolves to best serve the entrepreneur, we’re able to nurture great ideas from nearly any stage of a startup evolution.

While we typically focus on earlier stage startups, the resources available through our network and programming are also valuable to companies who have raised seed capital and/or have paying customers.

At least two founders from each team will need to be at our offices in The Battery in Atlanta for the entire program. For companies that are coming from out of state we recommend but do not require sticking around for a couple of weeks/months after the program to make the most of investors/customer connections made at Demo Day.

All companies receive USD $20,000.00 in cash, deposited right after signing our stock purchase agreement. The investment is for 6% equity, but solely common stock (rather than preferred). As a result, company valuation is not affected since this is not considered a financing round. In addition, all companies receive a number of perks currently valued at $1.3 million. They include hundreds of thousands in hosting from Google, Amazon, SoftLayer, etc. Also included are discounts on most software products that any startup needs (MailChimp, SendGrid, outsourcing, marketing, design, etc). Additionally, we are constantly negotiating new perks, and work closely with our companies to develop perk benefits to suit their immediate needs.

We require that there be at least two founders who can be present for the duration of the program. We like to have a CEO and CTO, in order to diversify the skill set of your business represented in the program. You’ll be learning a lot of new things and be challenged to work on all aspects of your business, so having someone to partner and collaborate with is key. More than two is fine as well – we can certainly work with larger teams, and welcome a wealth of ideas and energy.

Please check out our Accelerator FAQs.

The Lab is free for all entrepreneurs that would benefit from use of the space. If you are working on an IoT hardware product, this lab was built for you! We have an application in place to vet your company and make sure that we are able to support you and your idea, as well as ensure the safety of the lab and other lab users.

In the Lab, users will have access to a wide range of equipment including:

  • 3D printers
  • Circuit Board Assembly Microscopes
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Digital Power Supplies
  • Soldering Irons
  • SolidWorks
  • Adobe Design Suite

… and more! The Lab exists to serve the entrepreneur, so we are constantly taking requests from the teams using the workspace for new equipment that would benefit them and others.

Nope! Any early-stage startup operating in the IoT industry is eligible to use the lab.

No, we are pleased to offer access to the lab without cost or exchange of equity.

We’re looking for startups of all different backgrounds. Part of creating a vibrant community means opening our doors to creative and driven people who can share unique insights and perspectives.

We are able to take companies from 2-8 employees. Once companies expand beyond that size we’ll help them find a place to fit their growing team.

Companies are accepted and receive amenities like office space, potential investment or other financial support and mentorship over months or even years. There is not a set curriculum or time frame per se, but participants usually have access to assistance, advice, counseling and a network of contacts.

No, we are pleased to offer access to the lab without cost or exchange of equity.

We have fully furnished offices set aside to accommodate incubator companies. Incubator teams will also have access to move and work all throughout the space.


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