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Atlanta – June 6, 2018 – The Farm hosted its first Demo Day on June 1, 2018, at The Coca-Cola Roxy, and its inaugural cohort of 10 founding companies received a standing ovation from more than 600 attendees and investors. From a company that makes 100% recycled clothing, to artificial intelligence that makes convenience stores more convenient, to an app that helps lobbyists track policies across the country, these founders presented innovative solutions to some of life’s most pressing problems. To see images from Demo Day, click here.

Here are the founding startups:

Civic Eagle: Civic Eagle’s software automates legislative tracking, making it easy, fast and affordable for organizations to advocate for legislation and policies.

Divvi: Divvi is an online platform and app that facilitates uncontested divorces from start to finish. Divvi is also a content hub that allows couples to access information like a chatbot, field guides (information on divorce by state) and curated content to help with the logistical and emotional aspects of separation.

Last Bottle Clothing
: Last Bottle Clothing (LBC) is apparel made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. An American-based, closed-loop manufacturing process, LBC avoids virgin raw materials, uses 500 times less water than cotton and has a minimal carbon footprint, removing 13 bottles from the U.S. waste stream with each piece of clothing.

: Optikal is a contact lenses subscription box service that not only offers more affordable monthly payments and bundled eye care supplies, but also offers easy, integrated online eye exams that are one-third the cost of an in-store eye exam.

Rapid Replay: Rapid Replay connects media publishers to local, contributor-driven content with its crowdsourced video platform so that there are no missed opportunities in the media. The camera app uploads, stores and shares a contributor’s video, a publisher then searches and distributes the video in exchange for a licensing fee.

Roborus: Roborus is an AI-based kiosk designed to enhance the customer experience and reduce the burden of overworked staff in fast food restaurants. The machine employs facial recognition and can create personalized services based on the customer’s profile.

SmartPump: SmartPump QuikCheck decreases wait time and improves staff productivity in convenience stores with its efficient self-checkout software.

SmartTones:  SmartTones Media unlocks a new revenue stream for broadcasters by taking advantage of modern consumers’ attention to their digital device during an event while also enhancing their experience. The platform delivers contextual interactivity to a mobile device, while first-party data and insight are being delivered to advertising clients.

The Labz: The Labz helps song creators protect and memorialize their work by consolidating multiple tools that save and log contributions by collaborating artists, and publishing their work on a blockchain-backed song information page.

unboXt: unboXt uses scientifically-driven cultural and personality assessment software to successfully match a job candidate and organization with closely aligned values, work styles and skillsets in order to increase job satisfaction and decrease high turnover rates.

In addition to 10 incredible presentations, The Farm also announced a new global partnership with leAD, which stands for Legacy of Adi Dassler, and is a Berlin-based global sports entrepreneurship and investment platform focused on funding and nurturing early-stage sports startups.

Though the formal cohort is complete, The Farm, powered by Boomtown, will continue to support each company and individual entrepreneur for life. The Farm will focus its resources on helping them enter new markets, solve unforeseen challenges, increase revenues and give that added support entrepreneurs need in those early days.

The application deadline for the next cohort has been extended to July 7. The next cohort begins in August.  Be sure to mark your calendar for the next Demo Day on November 9, 2018.

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The Farm offers a variety of programs to support and nurture selected startups and entrepreneurs, including a twice-a-year, three-month accelerator program, premium incubator office space, a cutting-edge hardware prototype lab and co-working space.  For more information, visit www.thefarmatl.com, or connect via FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

About Boomtown
Based in Boulder, Colorado, Boomtown aims to discover and support promising companies in a variety of fields including health tech, internet, mobile, connectivity, software and “internet of things” (IoT) startups. Boomtown’s goal is not simply to provide the shortest distance between an idea and funding, but instead to support entrepreneurs in building great companies. Currently in its 10th cohort, Boomtown has invested in 98 companies since its founding in 2014. Of those, 86 percent are in operation and 60 percent are generating revenue. For more information, visit www.boomtownaccelerator.com.


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