Kilter Rewards is a wellness-based fundraising platform that hosts virtual charity fitness challenges to motivate people to build healthier habits and raise money for their favorite causes. The company’s hugely successful Kilter Cause Challenge included 21 companies with 354 participants who completed 9,138 fitness activities. The event raised thousands of dollars for the teams’ chosen causes. In a post-challenge survey, Kilter found that 89% of participants felt motivated by earning charitable prizes, and over one-third of participants felt more engaged at work as a result. Kilter is currently running a paid pilot with our partner, Comcast.

“We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity that The Farm provided us. With the support of the amazing team, mentors, and the Comcast family, we’ve been able to drive significant growth to our business and find clarity in our mission to make a positive impact.”

– Seth Braddock, Kilter Rewards, Founder and CEO

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