Civic Eagle provides workflow solutions for public policy professionals to get the most out of legislative intelligence. They went through The Farm Accelerator in the spring of 2018 and were then accepted into Techstars in 2019. They’ve been featured in Forbes as a Top Company to Watch at CES 2019, and were invited by Richard Branson to Necker Island as one of the Top 10 Companies of the CES Extreme Tech Challenge. Civic Eagle was also featured in the Atlanta Tribune for its contribution to the Atlanta tech ecosystem, in an article entitled, Leaders of the New School.

“Just the makeup of the program you can tell took people like me into consideration. Having the diversity made all of us stronger as entrepreneurs. I think that was probably the biggest thing, being able to see myself as an entrepreneur through the lens of a program like The Farm.”

– Damola Ogundipe, Civic Eagle, Founder and CEO

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