Farm alum, Kilter is a great example of how Comcast NBCUniversal The Farm nurtures young start-ups that can have a direct and immediate benefit to their business.  Kilter had a great concept, and we’re pleased our Farm accelerator program helped them incubate and refine into a phenomenal service.

Recently, Comcast Central Division activated employees in a new way this year that helped them stay motivated to make healthy choices while doing good in the community. Using Kilter, a platform that turns everyday healthy activities into opportunities to support charity, Comcast employees were given the opportunity to participate in a free 30-day virtual fitness challenge that raised money for select charities. 

Whether employees ran, walked, did yoga, practiced self-care, or a number of other options to stay active, the Kilter app allowed them to earn points for themselves and their teams every day they completed a goal. 

Program success includes:  


  • Central Division (Central Division HQ, Florida, BSR) July 1-31: 6,631 completed activities across 649 total participants (10 avg per person). Total $14K donated out to United Way and other charities.

  • Central Division (Care, Chicago, Heartland) October 1-31 and BSR Women’s Network ERG 
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