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The Farm invites selected startups to participate in a 12-week, bespoke startup accelerator. Our program is powered by Boomtown Accelerators, a Boulder, Colorado-based organization that has invested in more than:



of which are in operation


are generating revenue

capital raised

Is The Farm the right accelerator for you?

We believe that existing accelerator models are outdated and optimized for the investor, rather than the entrepreneur. At The Farm, we orbit around our entrepreneurs: period. Everything we do is to maximize their success. We offer new approaches to programming, mentorship, curriculum and just about everything else. We aim to create great entrepreneurs, because great entrepreneurs create great companies.

The Farm is backed by Comcast NBCUniversal, a global media and technology leader with a long history of supporting startups. In the spirit of Ralph Roberts, an entrepreneur who founded Comcast as a small startup and shaped it into one of the world’s largest brands, The Farm will focus on the health and long-term success of the companies and the entrepreneurs who are selected.

RESOURCES: Teams selected for each cohort receive $35K in seed capital in exchange for 7% of equity. In addition, teams get an estimated $1.7 million in perks. Companies taking part in the program gain valuable connections to enthusiastic startup mentors, investors, and alumni.

MENTORS: The Farm’s world-class mentor network includes some of the most talented minds in technology, business, branding, and strategy. We match entrepreneurs with top industry leaders, all of whom are passionate about supporting startups.

CUSTOMIZED: Unlike many accelerators, The Farm customizes every program to build a curriculum around our founders’ unique needs. We adapt our content to the needs of each individual startup, supporting and educating entrepreneurs where they need it most.

We invest in the founder

The Farm invests in early-stage startups because this is where we believe we can have the most value. Our goal is to give founders the tools they need to grow and flourish. The goal of our startup accelerator is not simply to provide the shortest distance between an idea and funding, but to support entrepreneurs in building successful, sustainable, investable companies.

Here’s how we’ll work with you in The Accelerator


Build a Strong Foundation

Through our accelerator program you’ll examine and strengthen the essentials of building your business — from financial fundamentals and fundraising to branding and sales.

  • Understand your target customers and markets
  • Build your financial modeling, forecasting, and funding strategies
  • Connect your vision and mission to your brand, marketing, and fundraising
  • Learn new approaches for work on the right things at the right time


Hone and Execute Your Core Strategy

Boomtown gives you the time, space, and input you need to build, test, learn, and get traction on your product or service so you leave with greater clarity about what you do and why.

  • Identify and articulate your company’s key innovations
  • Experiment on core assumptions to validate your direction
  • Build successful storytelling that engages customers and startup investors


Assemble Your Team

Boomtown’s experts, advisors, mentors, coaches, fellow alumni, and startup community will be with you every step of the way to challenge, guide, and encourage you.

  • Get matched with the right mentors from The Farm and the Boomtown Accelerator networks
  • Tap into our team with legal, financial, branding, and VC questions
  • Hook into our alumni network for company-building advice from fellow founders

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